Thursday, October 01, 2009

WARNING: Very Graphic Video Aftermath When Suicide Bomber Tried to Kill Mohammed bin Nayef

I am posting this because the sequence that begins 8:45 minutes into the report shows the results of the attempt to kill a Saudi official, Mohammed bin Nayef. with an "internal bomb," and may be useful to people seriously interested in the effects of such explosives. But it shows the body of the would-be assassin in graphic detail, so be warned.


David Goldenberg said...

I remember touring the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam when I was in college in 1971. I overheard another group of young people as we waited in a line to go around the "attic" where Anne and her family hid from the nazis.

And one of that other group said, "If you think this is a big deal, you should see Auschwitz."

Of course he was referring to the impact that the surroundings had. But I never forgot what he said (obviously) or the other meanings of what he meant in terms of sensationalism, hype, etc.

Now we see a "very graphic" video of a suicide bomber. It's not clear footage, and not as well edited as the latest graphic horror big screen outtage from Hollywood. So one has to ask -- can this can really hold up to the WTC and 9/11?

I mean, that was very up close and big time and almost hi def!

Unknown said...

What a retard.
These idiots obviously worship some sort of deity of death, and suffering.
Christians are no better.
Hopefully the world will be rid of these losers who think they can kill their way into heaven after the upcoming war. Christians too!
I'm so sic of these morons and their stupid asses.
WhAt kind of god tells a person it's ok to kill your way into heaven? That sounds like the devil to me, and I don't even believe in that crap.