Saturday, December 19, 2009

War, Deliverance, Sharks, Firebombings ... and James Dickey

The ongoing dialogue between Lt. Col. Edward Ledford, writing from Afghanistan, and poet Carol Muske-Dukes on The Huffington Post inspired me to dig up three long essays I wrote about the works of my father, the poet James Dickey, and questions of war and foreign policy. If you happen to have spare time for reading over the holidays, they may be of some interest:

"Firebombings: From My Father's Wars to Mine," delivered at Clemson University, 2003:

"The Sharks in the Parlor: Fact, Fiction and Foreign Policy," delivered at Clemson University, 2004:

"War and Deliverance," published by Newsweek Online in 2007 based on a speech at the University of South Alabama, 2006:

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