Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Check out "Ray Kelly's Wars," video panel on Syria and Egypt, the Diamond Jubilee as doomsday, and more

Newsweek: Ray Kelly's NYPD Battles with the FBI, 11 June 2011
The New YorkCity Police Commissioner is beating the enemy—if only the feds don't get in his way.

Video: France 24: The World This Week, 8 June 2011
In Syria, reports of a massacre near Hama: at least 55 people including women and children were shot or stabbed to death by government militias who then proceeded to burn their bodies. Is this a turning point in the Syrian crisis?

A Daily Beast column: After the Queen's Jubilee, a Sobering Summer, 8 June 2011
The collapse of Greece. Elections in Cairo. Venus in transit. While Britain partied, the rest of the world continued to fall apart. Why the worst is yet to come.

Newsweek International: Quants, Derivatives, and the Myth of the Rogue Trader, 21 May 2011
Their teacher tried to tell them they were headed for trouble, but high on risk and volatility, the Quants of France didn't listen.

Newsweek: Ibrahim al-Asiri: The Body Bomb Menace, 14 May 2011, with Dan Klaidman
A secret report obtained by Newsweek lays out the diabolical plans of al Qaeda's bomb guru: evading airport scanners by surgically implanting explosives in a terrorist's love handles.

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