Sunday, October 14, 2012

Check out Newsweek: The Repentant Radical and BBC Weekend talking sexism, Syria, Nobel prizes, Muslim comedy and more

Newsweek: Maajid Nawaz: The Repentant Radical, 15 October 2012
A former extremist warns of a resurgent al-Qaeda. But who is this man, Maajid Nawaz?

From the article: This Pakistani-British kid Maajid Nawaz started identifying with hip-hop groups like Public Enemy and N.W.A, moving from "F--k tha police" to "F--k all y'all," from "rebellious rap to political rap to political activism," as Nawaz puts it, and then to Islam—or, rather—Islamism. And if that sounds like an odd transition, it's not. "I am no longer—I never was—-devout," says Nawaz. The movement that attracted him was "a political revolution with religious connotations rather than a religious one with political ones." The point for many young jihadists, driven by testosterone and the hunger for a certain kind of fame, is not so much to worship Allah, but, yeah, to f--k all y'all.

Audio: BBC World This Weekend, 13 October 2012
Talking w/ Lindsey Hilsum and Julian Worricker on BBC World Weekend Talking Nobel (EU?), sexism in Australia, Turkey's Syria problem, US Decline (I say no), Muslim comedy (hilarious)
(NOTE: The BBC put a time limit on this clip. It expires on October 19.)

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