Saturday, January 26, 2013

Check out "Why Women Can Save Europe," plus recent pieces on Depardieu and murdered Kurds

Watch this space for coverage of Mali, Algeria, Syria ...
But in the meantime:

Snapshots at the latest demo in Jordan:

Newsweek: Why Women Can Save Europe, 21 January 2013
(If just enough of them reach the corporate boardrooms…)

The Daily Beast: Slaughter in Paris: Who Killed the Kurds? 10 January 2013
Three female Kurdish activists were killed in the heart of Paris, it
was discovered today. Christopher Dickey and Tracy McNicoll on
possible motives—and the threat to peace.

The Daily Beast: The Return of Gerard Depardieu? 31 December 2012
France's proposal to tax millionaires at a whopping rate of 75 percent
has been rejected. But the actor says he's still headed for fiscal
exile—and with reason.

France 24: The World This Year, December 2012
Barack Obama proved formidable as a campaigner but what will his
legacy be as president? Also in 2012, France renews with a Socialist
president while the understated Mohamed Morsi surprises friends and
foes alike in Egypt.

France 24: The World Next Year, January 2013
In 2013, Iran returns to the polls a different country in a different
region from four years ago. Also, Angela Merkel rules the roost in the
run-up to Germany's general election, and will it be continuity or
change under new leadership in China?

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