Friday, February 08, 2013

Check out Suffer the Little Children in Saudi Arabia, and Around the World in Six Ideas

The Daily Beast: Suffer the Little Children, 8 February 2013A monstrous case of child abuse in Saudi Arabia shakes the kingdom and strengthens the cause of Saudi women activists.
(Warning, this is a very painful story to read. But it concludes on a note of hope.)

Newsweek: Around the World in Six Ideas, 1 February 2013Feeding Africa; Art and Innovation; The End of Workers?; Who You Gonna Trust?; The New Energy Map

Note: "Six Ideas" is a new weekly feature I'm producing for Newsweek. It appears in the digital magazine on Fridays, and is posted on the Web on Tuesdays. The Six Ideas published in the magazine today: Forget Your IQ; No Nukes Is Good Nukes; Cyberspace Superstorms; Hybrid Bad Guys; Valuing Women; Innovation v. Execution, will be sent out in next week's mailing.

And by the way, I
 would welcome tips from any and all of you about your own ideas and those of others that you might find interesting. My deadline for this feature each week is Monday.

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