Monday, July 28, 2014

What Would Jesus Do In Gaza? And Ukraine? And Iraq? The Tears of Pope Francis Give Us a Clue

Saint Peter's Square during the conclave of 2013. Photo by Christopher Dickey,

My latest column:

What Would Jesus Do in Gaza? The Tears of Pope Francis Point the Way
By Christopher Dickey
The pontiff makes a heartfelt appeal for peace in Gaza, Iraq, Syria ... but is anyone listening?

And more bad, sad, disturbing news:

Two Americans Have Now Been Diagnosed With Ebola in Record Outbreak
By Kent Sepkowitz
Seven hundred are dead in West Africa, victims of an 'out-of-control' outbreak—and now two American health-care workers there have contracted the disease, says a colleague.

ISIS's Black Flags Are Flying in Europe
By Nadette De Visser
The symbol of the murderous 'Islamic State' is waving in The Hague. 'Death to the Jews,' shout the demonstrators. Yet the Dutch government authorized the protests.

U.S. Diplomats and Marines Close Embassy and Flee Libya Fighting
By Jamie Dettmer
Chaos, in-fighting and jihadists in Libya prompt American diplomats to evacuate to avoid another potential Banghazi.

Inside the Gaza Schoolyard Massacre
By Jesse Rosenfeld
There are reasons the U.N. agency charged with caring for Palestinian refugees is the focus of Israeli suspicion, but in Gaza it may also be in Israel's sights.

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