Sunday, February 15, 2015

Murdered Muslims in North Carolina don't make headlines? You're not reading The Daily Beast.

Maybe this is true for Fox News or some local paper in Idaho. It isn't true at The Daily Beast, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Reuters, the AP, or any respectable American news outlet. And the coverage continues.

I have heard the same sort of thing said by Jews about terrorism in Israel or anti-Semitism in France. Of course these stories do get extensive coverage, but for the aggrieved in a community that feels targeted, there can never be enough, and what there is never seems adequately to express their sadness and their fears.

  • Friend: This Was No ‘Parking’ Murder

    1. How to Be Muslim in the South

      After the horrendous Chapel Hill murders, there’s new attention on Muslims in the most religious—and Christian—part of the country.
    2. What Turned N.C. Fury to Murder

      Parking dispute or hatred of Muslims, we still don’t know what motivated the slaying of three young people in Chapel Hill. But do we know that without a gun, they’d still be alive.
    3. The Chapel Hill Shootings and the Benefit of the Doubt

      The ingrained bias that makes us see evildoers from a familiar culture as exceptions but evildoers from an alien culture as representative runs too deep to dispel easily.

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