Monday, April 16, 2012

Check out: "Does Sarkozy Miss DSK?", the Descoings death, Americans in Nazi Germany, and more

Newsweek International: Why DSK Would Have Been Sarkozy's Ideal Opponent, 16 April 2012
Why the libertine would have been an ideal opponent.

The Daily Beast: France Arrests the Usual (Islamist) Suspects, 4 April 2012
In a crackdown after the Toulouse shootings, France arrested 10 suspected Islamic radicals. By concealing past mistakes, the nation may be hindering investigations, writes Christopher Dickey.
(Update: All of those arrested were later released for lack of evidence.)

The Daily Beast: Death in New York of French Educator Richard Descoings Treated as Suspicious, 4 April 2012
Vague echoes of the Strauss-Kahn affair are unlikely to tarnish the reputation of Richard Descoings, director of Sciences Po in Paris. Found dead in a Manhattan hotel room Tuesday, he's considered a possible suicide.
(Will update when toxicology report arrives. Dominant theory at the moment is accidental death resulting from a mix of alcohol and prescription drugs.)

Newsweek: The Americans Who Witnessed the Rise of the Nazis, 2 April 2012
The story of the Americans who cavorted with the Nazis.
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