Monday, April 02, 2012

Check out a month of stories, columns, broadcasts: Hitlerland; the Toulouse synagogue shooting; Ms. Assad; NYPD and the mosques

Newsweek: The Americans Who Witnessed the Rise of the Nazis, 2 April 2012
A book review of Andrew Nagorski's "Hitlerland," the story of the Americans who who watched the rise of the Third Reich up close and personal.

France 24 Video: The World This Week, 30 March 2012
Has Nicolas Sarkozy's handling of the Toulouse shooter ordeal put the incumbent back in the saddle or will security issues abate in a presidential race where rising unemployment looms large? François Picard's panel argues over the outcome of the campaign in France.
   Christopher DICKEY. Paris Bureau Chief, Newsweek Magazine. Columnist,The Daily Beast;
   Vivienne WALT. Contributor, Time Magazine;
   Anne-Elisabeth MOUTET. Columnist, The Sunday Telegraph;
   Stefan SIMONS. Paris correspondent, Der Spiegel.
Part Two:

WBUR Here and Now (audio): Does French Gunman Represent New 'Lone Wolf' Terrorist Threat?
Merah claimed to be a follower of Al Qaeda, and journalist Christopher Dickey says he may represent a slippery new threat, a lone wolf, who are "not always so lonely." "Even if [Merah] isn't directly part of the al Qaeda firmament it may not matter ...

Mohamed Merah and the War on Terror's New Front, 22 March 2012
The French gunman killed today represents a slippery new threat: al Qaeda-inspired lone wolves versed in evading detection. Christopher Dickey talks to NYPD's police chief about how to stop them.

The Daily Beast, Lagarde: Don't Underestimate Italy, 9 March 2012
The IMF head praised Italian P.M. Mario Monti as a beacon of hope in the global economy, but few others in the old boys' club of finance received such paeans as she argued that women are less inclined to take risks.

Newsweek & The Daily Beast: Asma al-Assad's Retail Therapy, 5 March 2012
Glamorous and smart, she was a darling of the Western press—until her dictator husband crossed the line. Leaked intimate emails show the strain of Syria's unrest on its first lady.

WBUR On Point (audio): Police Spying On Mosques, 27 February 2012
New York took the biggest hit on 9/11. The New York City Police Department made the biggest response. Brought in big guns from the CIA. Pumped up surveillance all over. Launched a big campaign, deep and wide, to look in on its Muslim population. For a while it won praise. Now people are wondering if the NYPD has gone too far. Maybe way too far. Spying on mosques. In mosques. Sweeping up worshipper license plates. Tracking Muslim students. Surveilling with a very broad brush. Well beyond New York. How much is too much policing?
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