Friday, July 26, 2013

My latest: The Obama Doctrine (that doesn't exist, and why); Ideas for a Better (or more interesting) World; and The Secret Life (on the surface) of a Banned Cheese

The Daily Beast: In Search of the Obama Doctrine, 26 July 2013
During desperately dangerous times, solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the last best chance for the U.S. to influence events in the region. By Christopher Dickey.


Newsweek: Little Brother is Watching You, 24 July 2013
A new educational program has Orwellian overtones.

Newsweek: Scent from My iPhone, 24 July 2013
New technology could send smells from one smartphone to another

Newsweek: Brave New World, 24 July 2013
Will an even more populous planet lead to greater suffering?

Newsweek: A Note of Caution, 24 July 2013
Was classical music a kind of cultural imperialism?

Newsweek: Street Cleaners, 24 July 2013
Could special paving stones reduce smog?

The Daily Beast: Freedom Cheese, 20 July 2013
Fancy some mite-covered fromage from France? The U.S. government has banned it, and libertarians are angry. Alice Guilhamon and Christopher Dickey report from Paris.

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