Tuesday, July 09, 2013

"Who Will Benefit?" - Aftermath of the Monday Morning Massacre in Egypt

The Daily Beast: Death on the Nile, 8 July 2013
A massacre before dawn in Cairo today raises the risks of massive violence. Christopher Dickey and Mike Giglio on the first casualty in Egypt: the truth.

Updates continue on our Egypt Revolution LiveBlog

MSNBC Video: Egypt's Revolution Timeline and the Consent of the Governed, 6 July 2013


The Daily Beast: Egypt's Military is Waiting for the Worst, 6 July 2013
The death toll is mounting. If violence continues between pro- and anti-Morsi demonstrators the army may see no choice but to impose martial law. Christopher Dickey and Mike Giglio report, with Sophia Jones

Plus: Notes on the Sinai Tunnels, 7 July 2013

The Daily Beast: Egypt's Declaration of Independence: Not So Different From Ours, 4 July 2013
Yes, it was a coup. But the Egyptians are striving for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness just like America did in 1776. Christopher Dickey on what Washington should do to help.

The Daily Beast: What Egyptians Really Want, 3 July 2013
Will all hell break loose, or can the military keep control? Christopher Dickey on the forces driving Egypt's unrelenting uprisings.

The Daily Beast: An Egyptian Coup in the Making, 1 July 2013
Many forces are lined up against President Morsi. But who will take his place if he falls? Christopher Dickey on a dangerous moment in the Middle East.

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