Thursday, May 23, 2013

Check out The Woman Who Faced Down the Woolwich Butchers, and The Future of/with AlJazeera America, and 5 Ideas

The Daily Beast: The Woman Who Stood Up to the Woolwich Butchers, 23 May 2013
One woman faced down the two alleged killers who used cleavers and carving knives to hack a soldier to death in London. Christopher Dickey on the Cub Scout leader who stood up to terror.

Newsweek: Al Jazeera is the Best Thing to Happen to Journalism -- Unless it Isn't, 22 May 2013
Can a small very rich nation save American news?

Newsweek: Better World - Reinventing the Globe in Five Ideas, 22 May 2013
A climate of agreement; unlocking the genes of the sacred lotus; the catch-22 of closing cyberdoors; twenty-nothings; and getting fit in seven-minutes

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