Thursday, May 09, 2013

Quick hits on breaking news: Stolen Diamonds; Maid-Slaves, plus the latest 6 Ideas

The Daily Beast: Ocean's 31 - Belgian Diamond Heist Solved? 8 May 2013
Authorities in Belgium, France, and Switzerland say they've got the robbers who stole $50 million worth of ice from Brussels Airport. But details are sketchy, reports Christopher Dickey.

Newsweek: Around the World in Six Ideas, 6 May 2013
Water Worlds - The new blue planets discovered 1,200 light years from Earth; Texting as linguistic evolution; See-through brains; Early Warning Systems networks; Saving DNA samples for every species on the planet; the left-leaning ivory tower.

The Daily Beast / Women in the World: U.S. Authorities Free Two Domestics in Raid on Saudi Diplomatic Residence, 3 May 2013
Middle Eastern nation is notorious for ill treatment of indentured servants.

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