Monday, September 16, 2019

Some Disturbing Predictions about Oil, War, and Democracy

Some Disturbing Predictions About Oil, War, and Democracy

What a long, troubling week. It began with Trump's tweets about Camp David accords with the Taliban that he planned to brand as a triumph, then called off before anybody had actually heard of them. And this just days before the anniversary of 9/11. Then came word that the CIA had had to exfiltrate one of its best-placed assets in the Kremlin in 2017, possibly because Trump has trouble keeping secrets. The White House headlines continued with the firing of John Bolton. And the week ended with Iran's Houthi clients staging a massive attack on Saudi oil facilities that cut the Kingdom's oil production in half, raising the prospects of a new Middle East war and hastening the slide toward global recession. I lost count of the number of times I went on MSNBC to talk about all this, so I'll just post here the articles I worked on, and links to a couple of appearances.


Trump Wanted to Boast About His Own 'Camp David Accords'

How could Trump snatch a declaration of victory from the jaws of de facto defeat in the Taliban peace deal? That was the question.





Putin's Murderous Mole Hunt

The Russian daily Kommersant on Tuesday published the name and biography of a man living under his own name with his wife and children near Washington, D.C.

AMY KNIGHT, Christopher Dickey contributing


With Brian Williams on Friday night, we were discussing off camera the disaster that is Boris Johnson and I told him I thought we were witnessing the death of democracy in Britain, potentially in much of Europe, and indeed in the United States. When the segment began, he asked me to expand on that theme.

The following morning with Phililp Mena, after news broke about the drone attacks on the enormous Saudi refinery at Abqaiq, I reflected on Trump's world of trouble.

And I then wrote this column:


As Saudi Arabia Burns, Pompeo Blames Iran—and Trump Makes a Lame Claim About Killing Bin Laden's Son

By Sunday afternoon, it was obvious to me that we are fast approaching disaster in the Middle East, but much of the press has failed to focus on the gravity of the situation. So I minced no words in my conversation with Kendis Gibson. We are looking at the very real possibility of a new Middle East war and global recession.

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