Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Articles about Qatar and the Art World, and Five Ideas for the Wider World

Newsweek: Is Sheikha Mayassa the Art World's Most Powerful Woman? 12 June 2013
Mayassa al-Thani may be a 'tomboy' princess. But she's also turning Qatar into a grand museum.
[This rather personal portrait of the young Qataris princess is the second of three stories in a Newsweek cover package on "The Art World Gone Wild"]

"With Mayassa, there’s a sense, almost a theatrical sense, of shedding youth and assuming responsibility. As the professors talked, I thought of Prince Hal becoming Henry V, or, maybe more appropriately, of Audrey Hepburn returning to her role as princess at the end of Roman Holiday."

Brief items from the "Better World" Column, with background links:

Tyrannosaurus Sex: Scientists get bashful around old bones

Practically Crazy: After graduation, turning pipe dreams into reality

Genghis Khan Democracy: Once size of freedom doesn't fit all

Weeding Out Voters: Bill Maher takes on the racial divide over pot arrests

Eye-Witness Apps: Making smartphones part of the chain of evidence
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