Thursday, June 27, 2013

My latest: The Inside Story of the CIA and the NYPD; Qatar's Game of Thrones; Our Inner Bat, and more ...

The Daily Beast: The Inside Story of the CIA and the NYPD, 27 June 2013
A new report in The New York Times is raising concerns about the relationship between the CIA and the NYPD. Four years after writing a book on the topic, Christopher Dickey says the most basic questions about their counterterrorism operations have yet to be answered.

The Daily Beast: Qatar's Succession Drama, 25 June 2013
The world's wealthiest country gets a new ruler in a surprise handover of power. But who exactly is the 33-year-old emir? By Christopher Dickey.

Better World:

Which includes:

Our Inner Bat: Humans can use sound to navigate and to identify objects  

Big Brother is Helping You: How metadata help with emergency management

The Best and the Brightest: A hit parade of public education campaigns from the World Economic Forum 

The Power of Language: "Barzakh," a new / old metaphor for the Middle East 

The 'STEM' Sell: You don't need a college degree to work in the new economy

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