Wednesday, June 05, 2013

"Kill Zone": My Newsweek Cover Story on The Guns of New York - and America, plus Ideas for A Better World

Newsweek: Kill Zone, 5 June 2013
The boy is 17. His mother was killed by gang gunfire. His uncle was shot for his coat. To him, gun control isn't about rights. It's about survival.

"The embattled streets of the city and the gunland of the heartland are wildly different places, and the failure to understand that difference, and overcome it, is the great American tragedy of our time."

Newsweek: Better World, 5 June 2013
The shallowness of "deeper learning"; facial recognition from outer space; the next pharmageddon; a  plea to stop killer robots before it's too late; don't overestimate yourself.

Newsweek: Better world, 29 May 2013
Dogged determinations; ending child marriage; raising the roof with Wiki; the myth of television violence and crime; and why this will be the new American century.

Remember, with the new digital Newsweek, you can just keep scrolling down to see the previous issues. It's meant to be like having a stack of great magazines. And, really, it is.

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