Sunday, October 02, 2011

Check out "The Pornography of Terror: The Irrelevance of Awlaki" and other recent articles

The Daily Beast: The Pornography of Terror, Oct 1, 2011
The late, unlamented Anwar al-Awlaki was better at inspiring fantasies than attacks by 'homegrown' al Qaeda terrorists in America. Christopher Dickey says the danger comes not from the loners inspired by leaders like Awlaki but from our own overreaction.

Newsweek: Greece on the Skids, Sep 25, 2011
The prime minister must remake his country. Fat chance.

Newsweek: Citizens, It's Down to You, Sep 11, 2011
Tired of waiting for Washington? Good old American innovation is the answer.

The Daily Beast: Gore's Dire Weather Warning, Sep 5, 2011
As a brutal hurricane season bears down, former Vice President Al Gore says there will be worse disasters ahead if we don't act soon—and when it comes to national security, Mother Nature is as fearsome as terrorists.