Monday, June 10, 2019

Christopher Dickey on Trump and D-Day+75: Essays, Video, Photographs

Trump's core political support is based on money for the rich and emotions for the masses. His photo ops with the British royals strike a note with the first, his shout-outs for the heroes of Omaha Beach speak to the latter.


U.S.-U.K. Relationship Status: It’s Complicated
As Britain plunges toward Brexit, the belief that Trump will receive it with open arms is really all they have left to cling to.


Trumpists Are Fighting Against Everything the Heroes of D-Day Fought For
The president, born the year after the war ended, does not remember and probably does not want to know what brought it on or what it was fought to end.

Trump squinting at his teleprompter while reading his heavily scripted D-Day speech.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, as the old saying goes. Here, Macron puts his hand on Trump's back while they both talk to the extraordinary Ray Lambert, 98, a medic who saved a great many lives at a great many lives at enormous risk to his own.

When I first looked at this photo after I uploaded it to my phone, I thought Trump might be texting. But it's more likely this was a receiver, probably with a simultaneous translation as Macron spoke. But clearly it is not the same device everyone else is using.

More photographs from Arromanches and Colleville-sur-Mer:

Scattered among the crosses and stars of David at the American Normandy Cemetery are those dedicated to soldiers whose bodies could not be identified.

A lot of Europeans like to dress up like American soldiers and congregate here with vintage jeeps and motorcycles. This authentic looking group of Italians came from Parma. Great attention to historical detail, except for the guy on his cell phone.

Dawn. The view from my window at the Hotel la Marine in Arromanches, with derelict caissons near and far.

On the beach at Arromanches.

The day after the D-DAy+75 celebrations.