Sunday, November 18, 2012

Recent work: The Fall of a General; the threat to a monarchy; crossing the Rubicon in Syria; Obama!; Romney's fade; plust radio and video


Newsweek: David Petraeus Scandal - The Fall of a General, 17 November 2012
Written by Dan Klaidman and Gail Sheehy with contributions by Christopher Dickey and others

The Daily Beast: The End of Absolute Monarchy, 14 November 2012
Riots erupt in Jordan, threatening one of Washington's most important allies in the Middle East. By Christopher Dickey.
(This drama still playing out ...)

The Daily Beast: Crossing the Rubicon in Syria, 11 November 2012
A new opposition coalition looks likely to win Western support, but can it win the war? Christopher Dickey on the umbrella organization that may change the battle against Assad.
(Written before Mouaz al-Khatib had been elected the leader of the new coalition)

The Daily Beast: Europeans React to Obama Win, 7 November 2012
Another four years? 'Meh,' say people in Paris. By Christopher Dickey
(Actually, the people and the article were a little more enthusiastic than the headline)

The Daily Beast: Unmentioned and Unmentionable: What Romney Left Out, 23 October 2012
In their final debate, both candidates' message on foreign affairs was clear: let's change the subject. Jordan, Lebanon, Europe—even Libya—were off the table. This is a big mistake, writes Christopher Dickey.


France 24: Four more years: Will a re-elected Obama be emboldened? 8 November 2012
After winning re-election, Barack Obama might just have a stronger hand as he negotiates a deal on the country's debt. So argues Fran├žois Picard's panel, which points to a US election vote that favoured moderates over hardliners

France 24: The World This Week, 26 October 2012
Don't mess with Texas and don't send international observers to monitor the upcoming US presidential election. Also, the Emir of Qatar's Gaza visit, Berlusconi's swansong and when there's an earthquake in Italy, blame the seismologists.

France 24: Obama 1 - 1 Romney, 18 October 2012
Barack Obama rebounds in the second presidential debate, partly thanks to Mitt Romney's "whole binders full of women" remark, but uncertainty abounds in the homestretch of a race where both candidates look to energise their own supporters and convince the shrinking sliver of undecided voters.

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