Thursday, November 27, 2008

Revolution 2.0: The Videos

In the Shadowland column this week, "Revolution 2.0," I refer to several videos, and used others as background material. Here are some of them:

Ayman Zawahiri's Nov. 19 production on As-Sahab, including extended clips of Malcolm X speaking, can be viewed below. I found it on a site called "Internet Archive" at this address -- -- and a transcript is posted there as well. The video ss presented here for study, and neither I nor any organization with which I am affiliated condone it in any way.:

This is the MyBo tutorial on YouTube, which gives a clear picture of the tools used for community organizing and fund raising:

Bibi Netanyahu's Web site is

The English-language videos on it are not nearly so polished as Obama's, but worth watching nonetheless as an insight into Netanyahu and his politics:

And finally there is this, to me, fascinating three-part interview with Blue State Digital co-founder Jascha Franklin-Hodge from OreillyMedia:

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