Monday, September 14, 2009

Video: The NYPD 8 Years After 9/11

NY1's Lily Jamali filed this brief video report and text article on how the NYPD has reinvented itself since the attack on New York:

... The department has strengthened its working relationships with regional and federal law enforcement groups as well as with private security companies. The NYPD also has about a dozen detectives stationed overseas, to build relationships and gather information about terrorist activity.

Budget cuts, however, are forcing the department to make hard choices. Headcount in the department is expected to drop to fewer than 35,000 by next year, which is around 6,000 fewer than around the time of the attacks.

"The department is doing a lot more effectively with fewer resources. The question is, how long is that sustainable?" said Former NYPD Counterterrorism Chief John Colgan.

"As there are fewer police on the beat, fewer cops on the ground, you run the risk of a rise in crime. And as that happens, you have a lot more people worried about what happens to them when they step out of their apartment buildings than having counterterrorism officials in Mumbai," said Christopher Dickey, author of "Securing the City."...(more)

Lydia Khalil at the Council on Foreign Relations also published this run-down on the developments in the NYPD, most of which overlaps with the reporting in "Securing the City," although there is no attribution:

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