Saturday, May 29, 2010

Video: Trailer for film on Tanja Nijmeijer, a Dutch woman who joined the FARC

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Anonymous said...

tanja is not a communist. communists are good for the community. tanja is a spy of the dutch government. she works for the dutch crown and the imperialistic system of their belief. calvinism.
she is supposed to get access to farc to infiltrate farc, so to get oil, therefore becoming oil supporter for shell or royal dutch petroleum!
if she is a communist, why is she harming the people of colombia and not the the real enemy of communism? why is she harming innocent people in colombia and not trying to assassinate the dutch crown? assassinating the head of royal dutch petroleum the dutch crown would be by far more communistic than killing poor people in colombia? if she does love the colombian people, how many children does she has with a colombian boy? if she has children, are they supporting farc or are they living a rich life in the netherlands? she is a puppet of the dutch crown. shoot her in the back of her head! fuck tanja nijmijer! she is a big big lie! the farc should kill her!