Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Check out Marie Colvin in Memoriam, Yemen elections, DSK's interrogations and Greece's bailout on The Daily Beast, plus Marseille in Nat Geo

A busy week, and a sad one:

The Daily Beast: Marie Colvin: A Legendary Reporter Killed in Syria, 22 February 2012
Marie Colvin, who was killed by Syrian shelling in Homs today, put her life at risk to report on atrocities from Sri Lanka to Baghdad. Her friend Christopher Dickey remembers her tenacity.

The Daily Beast: America Welcomes Yemen Elections, Remains Wary of al Qaeda's Influence, 21 February 2012
The country's elections herald a tentative first step toward democracy—but the U.S. remains wary of al Qaeda's growing influence in the region.

The Daily Beast: Dominique-Strauss Kahn's Stinky New Scandal, 21 February 2012
The man the tabloids called Pepé Le Pew was questioned today over his alleged role in a prostitution ring. Christopher Dickey on why the former IMF chief isn't likely to be charged.

The Daily Beast: Greece's Sad Fairy Tale, 21 February 2012
With the latest bailout deal, Greece's economic tragedy verges on black comedy.

National Geographic: Marseille's Melting Pot, March 2012
As more European countries become nations of immigrants, is Marseille a vision of the future?

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