Saturday, September 01, 2012

Check out UnSafe Havens in Syria, a quake in the Philippines, flashbacks to Kurdistan '91 and Lady Di '97

Daily Beast Column: Syria Safe Haven? Bad Idea, 1 September 2012
Christopher Dickey on the strategy's disappointing and dangerous record.

Flashback - Newsweek: A Nation In The Valley Of The Three Frontiers, issue date 5 May 1991

Fred Cuny and others creating a safe haven for Kurds in Iraq

Daily Beast News Item: Earthquake Shakes the Philippines, 31 August 2012
Most tsunami warnings were canceled, but the damage's extent isn't clear, says Christopher Dickey.

Flashback - Newsweek: Time to Brace for the Next 9/11, 4 September 2011
The biggest threat to America isn't terrorism. It's the wrath of Mother Nature.

Flashback - Newsweek: Horror in the Night, issue date 7 September 1997 (published 1 September 1997)
The death of Princess Diana reported from the scene

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