Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas and Creationism

Christmas and Creationism
By Christopher Dickey December 22nd 2013 6:45 AM

In an exclusive interview, the bishop who heads the Pontifical Academy of Sciences accepts the theory of evolution, critiques capitalism, and defends his fellow Argentine, Pope Francis.


France 24: The World This Week
In Brussels, French President François Hollande was hoping to get support from 27 other heads of state for French military intervention in the Central African Republic. But he didn't walk away with much - apart from half a dozen countries sending modest logistical support, the EU is not providing direct financial aid, and there is still no path towards a common European defence policy.
And in Syria, US Secretary of State John Kerry signalled that American diplomacy was ready to sit down and talk with the islamists, but they refused. How likely is it that January's peace conference will bring about true reconciliation?
I also get a chance to talk about killer robots ...

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