Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Chaos and Desire: The French President's [Alleged] Lover and Her Ironic Filmography

Julie Gayet with Michael Cohen in "Shall We Kiss?", photo from IMDB

According to IMDB the 41-year-old actress, Julie Gayet, whose alleged affair with French President François Hollande is the talk of Paris and, indeed, the world, has 90 film credits. In light of the stories about her and the secret love nest where she and Hollande are supposed to have met a block from the Elysée Palace, the titles of many of these films have a certain irony. (Translations are literal, not from such versions as were, rarely, released in English)

La petite apocalypse (1993)

L’histoire du garçon qui voulait qu’on l’embrasse (1994) [Story of a a boy who wanted to be kissed]

One Hundred and One Nights (1995)

La vie de Marianne (1995) [Marianne being the symbol of the French nation, but hers was a bit part)

Les menteurs (1996)

Sélect Hôtel (1996)

Marianne (1997) [Again]

Pleasure (And Its Little Inconveniences) [1998]

Ça ne se refuse pas (1998) [You don’t say no to that]

Sentimental Education (1998)

Play (1998)

Je ne veux pas être sage (1999) [I don’t want to be good]

Les gens qui s’aiment (1999) [People who love each other]

Vertiges de l’amour (2001) The dizziness of love

Ma caméra et moi (2002)

Chaos and Desire (2002) [!!!!!!]

Les rois maudits [2005] [The cursed kings]

Un secret derrière la porte (2006) [A secret behind the door]

Shall We Kiss? (2007)

Le petit homme bleu (2009) [The little blue man]

De plaisir (2009) [Of pleasure]

Clandestin (2010)

Famille décomposée (2010)[Broken family]

Sans laisser de traces (2010) [Without leaving a clue]

L’apprenti Père Noël (2010) [Santa’s Apprentice]

L’art de séduire (2011) [Yes, “the art of seduction”]

Amoureuse (2011)

And, more recently:

Odysseus, a TV series last year in which she played Helen of Troy

as well as 2012’s Portraits de maîtresses, which, yes, means “Portraits of Mistresses.”

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