Sunday, January 04, 2015

Diana Conspiracies Redivivus? Please, No.

As we reported in The Daily Beast today, a new play about to open in London is dredging up all the old, and a few new, twists in the conspiracy theories about Princess Diana's death in a 1997 car crash in Paris.

I won't ask, "Who cares about Diana's death?" Obviously there are still quite a few people. But I do wonder who it is who cares.

Those who were adults on August 31, 1997, probably remember where they were when they heard that Diana died. Indeed, many probably heard that news from me, speaking on CNN live on the phone from the hospital.

It was one of those shared global moments, and, indeed, the moment was the message. People stopped to reflect and to mourn, not just for Diana, and maybe not for her at all, but for their own lost years and lost loves. But does anyone under the age of 25 today remembers that event firsthand? I think probably not. And in retrospect it seems to have been completely overblown.

Diana was not an assassinated president, she did not walk on the moon, the day she died was not a day that will live in infamy. She just made some very bad choices in men, protectors, and drivers, and when a drunken deputy security chief at Dodi's father's hotel wanted to impress his boss and the princess, he drove far too fast down a treacherous stretch of road in a car he couldn't handle and, when he was surprised to see a slow-moving vehicle right in front of him, overcompensated and hit a concrete pillar, killing himself, his boss and Diana.

Full stop.

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