Friday, June 17, 2016

Coverup! Why wet cement on the Rómulo Gallegos grave in Venezuela is important

See my article in The Daily Beast: The Bone Thieves of Caracas

AP wrote that Sonia, the daughter of Gallegos,  said no bones were stolen, while, as we point out, the granddaughter of Gallegos, whose name is Theotiste, said her grandfather and grandmother had been "taken away." It's now apparent Sonia, who was cited without quotation marks or context, did not know and does not know if bones were stolen. She has joined with the son of another president, whose grave also was desecrated—and covered up—to try to get the courts to find out what the hell happened. Their partner in this is Antonio Ecarri, who runs an education foundation and clearly has his own political ambitions. 

Theotiste, whose Facebook post started this whole flap, may not know for certain if bones were stolen, but that is her reasonable conclusion based on the pictures posted that show the hole going down to and through the coffin, and AP points out the extensive problems that exist with Santería grave robbers in Venezuela. 

What is unquestionable is that the damage done has been covered up and the Maduro government tried to deny that anything happened at all.

Ecarri posted a video of the cement on the Gallegos grave site.

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