Saturday, June 03, 2006

Rumsfeld: More on Unknown Unknowns

My friend Joe notes this remark from Rumsfeld just yesterday, on the alleged Haditha massacre:

"We also know that in conflicts things that shouldn't happen do happen."


From Mark in Texas:

Regarding your article entitled "Iran: A Rummy Guide", I wish your magazine and the media in general would give credit to the originator of the concept of "Known Unknowns" (et. al). The seminal work defining these concepts, Augustine's Laws, was published 1983 by past Chairman of Lockheed Martin, and past Undersecretary of the Army, Norman Augustine.

I remember reading this work as a young engineer back in the mid 1980's and roaring with the laughter that only come from the truth exposed. Mr. Augustine's book is a must read for anyone in the defense business and is as true today (sadly) as it ever was.

And to all who refer to the concept of "Known Unknowns", give credit where credit is due.

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