Saturday, June 03, 2006

Some of the articles I published over the last month:

Shadowland: Jail Break 27 May 2006
Why the best new chance to end the Middle East impasse came from Palestinian inmates of an Israeli prison.

Shadowland: K Is for Vendetta 17 May 2006
Why does the Bush administration want to believe that Kaddafi has changed his ways?

Shadowland: Season of the Wolf 12 May 2006
Is there a case for conspiracy theories about 9/11 and the Iraq war? For Washington's opponents, the truth is less important than the image of an America gone mad.

Newsweek International: Why Iran Is Driving Oil Up 7 May 2006
Tehran could calm jitters by toning down its nuclear rhetoric—if the regimee didn't need the money more.

NYT Book Review: The Sand Café,' by Neil MacFarquhar 7 May 2006
Love and Rockets

Newsweek Online: Catholics and Condoms 3 May 2006
Will the pope change the church’s stand? The Vatican is currently engaged in a complex debate—and a major part of it is whether condoms could turn marital sex into something considered evil.

Newsweek Online: Depth in Venice 5 May 2006
A French businessman’s stunning collection is helping to turn the city of the doges into a European mecca for modern art.

Newsweek: Iran: A Rummy Guide 30 April 2006
To borrow a phrase used for Iraq, there are 'things we now know we don't know.' NEWSWEEK sorts it out.

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