Sunday, August 20, 2006

Catching Up

The advent of the latest wars in Gaza and Lebanon so entirely consumed my writing time over the last six weeks that I just ran out of the energy needed for decent blogging. Here, briefly, is what I've been working on:

Shadowland: Pulp Fact 18 August 2006
The JonBenet case is a reminder that news is what you make of it—or not.

Newsweek: The Real Nasrallah 13 Aug 2006
How a son of Beirut's slums became one of the most engaging, and dangerous, leaders in the Muslim world. Written with Babak Dehghanpisheh, who reported on the ground in Lebanon.

Newsweek: Eye for an Eye 6 August 2006
Israel shadow-boxes with a surprisingly high-tech foe. Inside the new Hizbullah.
(also check out the audio link to Newsweek on Air)

Newsweek: Mideast: Ripples of War 30 July 2006
From Iraq to Al Qaeda, the conflict between Israel and Hizbullah is resonating far beyond the battlefield.

Shadowland: Let It Bleed 26 July 2006
Leaders at the Rome summit on the Mideast are ignoring the real bottom line: Hizbullah is winning.

Newsweek Cover Story: Torn to Shreds 24 July 2006
While Israel tries to root out an enemy, Hizbullah feeds on the devastation.

Shadowland: Best-Laid Plans 21 July 2006
Hizbullah wanted to lead the Muslim and Arab world; Israel wanted to wipe Hizbullah off the map. Their strategies quickly went awry.

Newsweek Cover Story: The Hand That Feeds the Fire 16 July 2006
Behind The Crisis: How Iran is wielding its influence to wage a stealthy war against Israel and America. (With Peraino, Dehghanpisheh, Wolffe, Barry, Hosenball and others)

Newsweek: Sharon's Shadow 9 July 2006
As the crisis builds, Israelis are asking what the legendary general would have done. Can Olmert lead on his own? The article is a collaboration with Dan Ephron and Joanna Chen in Jerusalem.

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