Sunday, November 19, 2006

More On The Poker Paradigm

One of the comments on the previous post suggests author and poker player James McManus is misreading Iran's game, and somehow playing into the hands of neo-con warmongers. But, even if that were true, and I don't believe it is, his analysis is essentially about a paradigm -- and about the power of the unknown. On this point, and its role in "virtual" nuclear proliferation around the world, you'll soon be able to read much more. (Watch for Newsweek's special "Issues 2007.") In the meantime, you might want to keep an eye on , where McManus will start a series of articles on poker history later this week. You can also listen to him on NPR yesterday:

Iran's Poker-Like Stand-Off

Listen to this story...

Weekend Edition Saturday, November 18, 2006 · Author and high-stakes poker player James McManus talks about the parallels he sees between the political posturing of Iran's president and a game of poker.

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