Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Ghosts of Gaza-A Zealous Commander, the Hannibal Protocol & Israeli Soldier Suicides

Creede Newton has written an excellent story for The Daily Beast following up on the Gaza War and the toll it has taken on the Israeli soldiers who fought there. He asked repeated questions about the action in Khuzaa and the apparent summary execution of Islamic Jihad fighters, first reported by Jesse Rosenfeld on August 1 in his article "Who is Behind Gaza's Mass Execution?" and followed up on September 7 in an interview with a member of Islamic Jihad who shared some information about the incident from the Palestinian side. The IDF, thus far, has provided no substantive information about the incident. These are photographs taken at the scene in Khuzaa the day the bodies were discovered. It is no wonder if the ghosts linger in the minds of the men involved.


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