Tuesday, October 28, 2014

War on Terror, War on Muslims? A Lively Debate on Al Jazeera English

My part in this discussion with Faiza Patel and Marwan Bishara—http://aje.me/1s8v3nu—runs from 16:25 to 23:25.

From Al Jazeera:

With a renewed fight against terrorism in the Middle East and with Muslims often the principle target of much of the counter-terror campaign in the west, Empire set out to examine if the global fight against terrorism is eroding the democratic principles it set out to defend.

What happens when the war on terror turns inwards, and prolonged military action abroad turns into a culture of fear at home?

What is the impact of increasing surveillance of Muslim communities, banning Islamic dress and equating a religion with a threat?

Marwan Bishara traveled to New York, London, and Paris to discuss and debate these questions with Hamid Dabashi, Faiza Patel, Slavoj Zizek, Edwy Plenel, Christopher Dickey, Michael Clarke, Alan Mendoza, Dilip Hiro and more.

Watch the trailer here:


For those in the United States, you can catch the episode online here after Sunday 20GMT:http://aje.me/1nH8b39

Outside the U.S., you can also view the episode on Wednesday, October 29: 0600 GMT

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