Sunday, November 13, 2005

Europe: Race and Rage

The latest from the banlieues and beyond:

Newsweek Int'l Cover: Europe's Time Bomb, 13 Nov 2005
The French riots should be a wake-up call for all Europe. What's long been considered 'normal' is no longer socially or politically sustainable.

...The core of the time bomb is demography, and the detonator is racism. The native populations of Europe—let's say it, the white populations—are reproducing slowly and aging fast. Without continued immigration, according to the European Union and United Nations statistics, by 2050 the number of Germans will have shrunk from 83 million to 63 million; Italians will go from 57 million to 44 million. In the same period, among the North African and Middle Eastern countries surrounding Europe, the population will double....

From the international edition of the magazine:
A shorter version from the domestic US edition:

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