Monday, October 10, 2005

Hate-Mail Call: More on "The Suicide Solution"

This from Thomas, who doesn't give his hometown:

'Suicide bombers are morally justified in their actions because they seek to destroy only those persons and societies which illegally and unjustly repress them. George Bush is a mass murderer. All of those persons who voted for George Bush in the 2004 election knew with full certainty what he had done and why, including the lack of any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and therefore lack of any justification to attack Iraq. Therefore, every single person who voted for George Bush in the 2004 is, by definition, a murderer and/or accomplice to murder. They're just not willing to get dirty, they'd rather let some poor kid who joined the Army just so he'd get a college education go out and risk his life.
'I wonder, if they do ever come up with a cure for suicide bombers, will they also come up with a cure for arrogant, self-righteous bastards like yourself. One can only hope.'

People believe what they want to believe, I guess. For the original column, see:
Shadowland: The Suicide Solution, 6 September 2005
What if suicide bombing were a disease? Could we find a cure? Some researchers think so.

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