Saturday, September 24, 2005

Al-Qaeda's Windbags

One has to consider the source, of course, but The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), co-founded by senior Israeli intelligence officer Yigal Carmon, does disseminate a lot of fascinating translations from the Arab and Muslim press. Today's is from something claiming to be a new weekly Al-Qaeda Internet broadcast, which was applauding the hurricanes for doing God's work in the United States. An excerpt:

"The entire Islamic world overflowed with joy when Hurricane Katrina struck in America, which seemed to reel from the strength of the hurricane and went asking for aid from all the countries of the world. Broken and completely humiliated, George Bush, a fool who is being obeyed, announced his obvious incapability to deal with the wrath of Allah that visited the city of homosexuals.
"While Louisiana is trying to recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, another hurricane fiercely struck the state of North Carolina, on the Atlantic coast, but so far there have been no casualties or significant damage, as was expected. We hope that Allah will humiliate America with this hurricane to make it a lesson for whoever wants to listen."

Enough of that. - CD

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