Saturday, September 17, 2005

Battle Fatigue

Name: Becky and Kevin
Hometown: none given

Good Morning,

Don't you ever get tired reporting the same old Bull Shit day after day? Well, I'm tired reading what you would do and what you can learn.

How about journalist learning to keep their personal opinion and knock off the bashing. You and newsweek have caused harm and destruction in the middle east with your lame story. You journalist think you guys know so don't.

Why do you think that Newsweek mag and other news paper sales are down? Big hint! We just got tired of your Bull Shit!
We gotten tired of your Bush bashing..old song and dance. I hold you and every other news journalist accountable for all the misleading news and targeted our troops and alias more.

You journalist are like cancer either love to cause more harm to other people rather reporting the truth.
So screw you Dickey and your column.


To which I say...
Well yes, Becky, I do get tired, but I keep coming back to the same subjects precisely because the people who are causing all this grief expect that eventually we the public will just lose interest, change the channel, and let them go on doing what they've been doing.

In early August I published my 100th Shadowland column, "Pre-Emptive Peace," explaining why Washington should set a clear timetable for complete American withdrawal from Iraq. It also includes dozens of links to past articles on related subjects, and apart from my personal archive, it's the best point of reference for Shadowland's long, ongoing, and, I'm sad to say, largely accurate chronicle of disaster.

Best regards, Chris

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