Sunday, September 25, 2005

Iran: Resolute Irresolution

The headlines about the IAEA resolution passed on Saturday move quickly from the notion of referral to the Security Council to the possiblity of sanctions. Read the resolution for yourself. After all the recallings and commendings and notings and deplorings and a very interesting "uncertain," the actual findings (followed by requests) are complete mush:

1. Finds that Iran’s many failures and breaches of its obligations to comply with its NPT SafeguardsAgreement, as detailed in GOV/2003/75, constitute non compliance in the context of Article XII.C of the Agency’s Statute;
2. Finds also that the history of concealment of Iran’s nuclear activities referred to in the Director General’s report, the nature of these activities, issues brought to light in the course of the Agency’s verification of declarations made by Iran since September 2002 and the resulting absence of confidence that Iran’s nuclear programme is exclusively for peaceful purposes have given rise to questions that are within the competence of the Security Council, as the organ bearing the main responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security;
3. Requests the Director General to continue his efforts to implement this and previous Resolutions and to report again, including any further developments on the issues raised in his report of 2 September 2005 (GOV/2005/67) to the Board. The Board will address the timing and content of the report required under Article XII.C and the notification required under Article III.B.4; ....

From the official IAEA Web site:
IAEA Board of Governors Adopt Resolution on Iran
24 September 2005 At the end of week-long meetings beginning 19 September, the IAEA Board of Governors adopted a resolution on the implementation of safeguards in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The resolution finds that Iran´s failures and breaches constitute non-compliance and calls on Iran to return to the negotiating process. It was adopted by a vote of 22 in favour, 1 against and 12 abstentions. Adopted Resolution [pdf] :: IAEA Board Report [pdf] :: Transcript of Director General´s Press Briefing :: Iran Coverage »

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