Monday, September 26, 2005

Further Beyond Good and Evil

Name: michael allen
Hometown: LA, CA
Loved your journal entry! One of the most insightful and poetic analysis of modern terrorism I've read. Not long ago, a Colorado congressman said that the USA should Nuke Mecca and Medina if the USA suffers a nuclear attack. From his point of view, "evil" is Islam. I wish someone had the balls to tell him and people who agree with him this. Nuking Islam for something a terrorist does would be like striking out at Ohio for what Timothy McVeigh did. Wasn't Tim from Ohio? Or strike back at the US army. Wasn't Tim a decorated Gulf War veteran. Or strike back at the Catholics. Wasn't Tim raised Catholic? Or strike back at the conservatives. Wasn't Tim an anti-goverment Republican? Or strike back at white people. He was white. Anyway you get the point. However, I don't know if our leaders or most of the voters do.

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